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For over 23 years GrievingTeens has helped students in 4 local high schools deal with the traumatic and disruptive issues of grief in their lives. Grief for young people comes in many forms, death, drugs, abandonment just to name a few. And the consequences of
unresolved grief are profound:

  •  Grades often suffer, to the point of dropping out of school altogether

  •  Increase in suicidal thoughts

  •  Distancing and breaking of relationships with family and friends

  •  Lack of interest, in life

  • Increase in self-harm from eating disorders, cutting or even suicide.


When these things happen to someone still in their teens the patterns of thought and action can stay with them for the rest of their lives. At that age they are not prepared, they don’t have the coping skills of an adult.

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Life requires death as its conclusion. This is part of the human condition. Death is what gives life meaning. Growing from death is only an option. Growth is a goal that can only be achieved with effort. Many people are “torn down” by grief and it sets them back. Growing is a choice. Choose growth or choose life. The decision is only yours.

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